Wednesday, January 1, 2014

June 2014 - Onyx Spent the Day With the L12s

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Onyx continues to travel with J Pod and has visited with his L12 family when they were here on June 3rd and again on June 19th.
On June 3rd he spent the day with the L12s and the J17 family group. Mixed in with them were several other J Pod whales.  However, when they traveled north Onyx, the J17s, and the L12s traveled behind the rest of J Pod by a short distance, maybe less than a mile. However, when the next day arrived the L12s had departed taking the J17s with them, but Onyx remained with J Pod.
It seemed a perfect 'set up' for him to leave with them had he wanted, but that did not happen.

On June 19th when the L12s returned, this time bringing in several other L Pod family groups, Onyx was seen socializing with lots of others as well as the L12s.

In late June as the whales were traveling to the north, Onyx did several dorsal fin slaps.
Here's a link to that post: Orca Dorsal Fin Slap Demonstration

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